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Startup India : Drugs & Pharmaceutical Research

Drugs & Pharmaceutical Research

Department of Science and Technology

Recognising the profound influence of R&D on the prospects and opportunities for the growth of the Indian Drug Industry, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India mounted the programme on drug development during 1994-95 for promoting collaborative R&D in drugs and pharmaceuticals sector with the following specific objectives :

  • To synergise the strengths of publicly funded R&D institutions and Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • To create an enabling infrastructure, mechanisms and linkages to facilitate new drug development.
  • To stimulate skill development of human resources in R&D for drugs and pharmaceuticals; and
  • To enhance the nation’s self-reliance in drugs and pharmaceuticals especially in areas critical to national health requirements.
Nature of Assistance

Fiscal Benefits:

1. Soft Loan for Pharma Industrial R&D Projects – 70% of the project cost at a simple interest of 3% on reducing amount. Repayment in 10 annual equal instalments after the project period. Interest during the implementation period will be amortized and will be payable in maximum of 5 instalments after the project period along with the instalment of principal amount.

2. Grant-in-aid to Industry for Clinical trials for developing drugs for neglected diseases

Non Fiscal Benefits:

Support in research in all systems of medicines including setting up of facilities and joint research projects of industry and institution

Supports both human and veterinary drug development for all types of medicinal systems. Areas where support could be considered are:

1. Any component in the innovation chain of new drug development

2. Innovative/cleaner process technology for known drugs/key intermediates,

3. Chiral synthesis of drugs

4. Resolution of racemic drugs

5. Clinical studies

6. Development of new formulations and standardization/testing of traditional formulations.


Any Indian company/firm engaged in drug development manufacturing jointly with:

  • National Laboratory under CSIR, ICMR, etc
  • University Department/other academic institution such as IIT, IISc., etc
  • Any other publicly funded R&D institution
How to apply?

Application can be submitted online.


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